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Word Study: Evangelical

A few things in life bother me.  One is the fact that we cannot find a universal word for a “soft drink.”  We’ve all heard it and said it.  You are serving drinks at a picnic and one person asks for a “Pop.”  Don’t ask me why, I’ve never been able to figure out, why we say pop.  Someone else will ask for a “Soda,” but my favorite is this type of exchange that you will get in Oklahoma as well as other places.  We might be told, “I would like a “Coke.”  We respond with the unfortunately obvious response, “Which kind?”  They respond, “A Dr. Pepper.”  This is normal, and this bothers me.  If you want a Dr. Pepper, just tell me a “Dr. Pepper.”  This bothers me because it cheapens the word Coke.  It has spread the definition of coke well beyond the red can and the yummy taste to include all cans and all tastes.

This happens with our words sometimes.  We take a word and overtime it stretches far beyond what it has been intended for.  Evangelical is one of those words.  It is a word that has been cheapened and stretched to define far more than it should.  Continue reading



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