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Blogs I Read: Personal Edition

Alright, now here is the second half of the blogs I read.  These are blogs of friends and family.  It is neat to read about their lives and how they look at the world.  It gives me a chance to communicate with them, when in my often busy life, I don’t get a chance to talk to them.  So without further ado: the blogs.

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Coming Home

Heather and I were visiting with her Grandpa yesterday, and he said something that has stuck in my mind.  “Going places is great, but coming home is always the best.”  I think that is true.  This past week of “being home” has been a great time for the two of us.  It has been a time to see family and friends, many of whom we had not seen in at least 6 months.  It has been a time of celebration.  (We’ve had 7 Christmas celebrations!)  It has been a time of relaxing (3 books read on the trip so far).  But mostly it has been a time of being home.

Being home is not simply about a place, but it is about a being in a place of mutual love with a sense of security.  Continue reading


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