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A Holy Agitator: My thoughts from Willimon’s book Bishop

A Holy Agitator. I think that is what I would call Bishop Will Willimon. There are a lot of people who aren’t afraid to speak their mind, but there is no one who quite has the theological mindset of Willimon. As I read through his most recent book Bishop: The Art of Questioning Authority by an Authority in Question, I found myself nodding my head frequently, shaking my head occasionally, and AOL (Amening out loud) often. (I just came up with that, let me know if that is dorky or cool, or a combination of both.)

This is not a book review because I’m not the book reviewing type, but I do think great ideas should be shared, so I’ll share some of what the good Bishop writes, and then add my own commentary. Just so you know I read it on my Kindle, so I’ll put the Kindle location on the quote. I highlighted many passages in the book, so this is just the beginning. I hope you enjoy, learn, and get agitated.

The most important appointment a bishop makes is the selection of district superintendents…Nothing moves in the UMC until a DS commits to leading that change.” KL 259-265 Continue reading



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Spiritually Empowered

Spiritually Empowered- Embracing the gifts and the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

If I was the Holy Spirit, I might feel a little offended.  While Jesus gets a lot of credit (and deservedly so) for his coming to Earth, showing us how to live, and enabling us to live eternally through his death and God the Father gets a lot of credit for that small little thing of creating the heavens and the earth, the Holy Spirit can get lost in the mix.  Thankfully I am not the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit’s worth is not in what we give, but in the Triune relationship, and in that relationship the Holy Spirit is of equal worth to the Father and the Son. Continue reading

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An Old Song: A New Word

“O let Him have the things that hold you.” After singing that line hundreds of time, it never hit me until today. I loved the “Spirit Song.” It was one of those songs that we sang at the traditional service that felt contemporary. There was something about singing out to God, “Come and fill your lambs,” that resonated with me. What a great prayer this is! I adopted a model of this as my breath prayer, “Come Holy Spirit.” During a good day, I will say that prayer many times. Other days, I don’t pray it at all. But yet, I still didn’t catch the line in the song that hit me over the head today. Continue reading

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Aaron’s Random Thoughts: July 28, 2008

I think I may try to make this a semi-regular blog.  I often have thoughts that I would like to blog about, but do not have time or the energy to spend on a well-written blog.  Other times I just simply do not have enough to craft a full blog, so here are Aaron’s random thoughts for July 28, 2008.

I was wrong about Jim Edmonds.  He has been an important addition to the Cubs.  Now if they can just get Fukudome back to his April form.  Of course, what would a Cubs season be like without a trip to the DL by Kerry Wood.  Now the only problem is that he is sidelined by a blister.  A blister.  This is not quite Sosa going on the DL because of a sneeze, but maybe equal with Zambrano hurting his arms because of IMing his relatives in the Dominican Republic.  Oh the joys of being a Cubs fan. Continue reading


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