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An Old Song: A New Word

“O let Him have the things that hold you.” After singing that line hundreds of time, it never hit me until today. I loved the “Spirit Song.” It was one of those songs that we sang at the traditional service that felt contemporary. There was something about singing out to God, “Come and fill your lambs,” that resonated with me. What a great prayer this is! I adopted a model of this as my breath prayer, “Come Holy Spirit.” During a good day, I will say that prayer many times. Other days, I don’t pray it at all. But yet, I still didn’t catch the line in the song that hit me over the head today. Continue reading


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From Nazareth… The Introduction of Jesus

Here is my manuscript from my sermon on December 28, 2008.  Enjoy. Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on United Methodist Church Membership

Church membership is a tricky issue.  Lately, it has been an even trickier issue in the United Methodist Church.  How wide do we open the gate of the church, seems to be the question.  Do we let anyone in who wants in, or do we use a heavy background check?  Whose responsibility is membership is it the church, or is it the individual?  Lots of good questions on membership, here is my take.

First, a little background.  I’m United Methodist born and bred, and I am a huge fan of John Wesley.  I especially love early Methodism’s emphasis on scriptural holiness spurred on by Class Meetings.  Class Meetings were the requirements for everyone in the society (Wesley was still a part of the Anglican church, so this was similar to our modern day congregation, but not exactly equivalent) .  Requirements for the class meetings are desiring to flee from the wrath to come and continued attendance.  I have lately been influenced by church’s that have carried on in the spirit of that tradition and have requirements for membership. Continue reading


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That’s What Jesus Said

A few posts back, I blogged about the liturgy of our lives.  If you want to know what it is about, you should read it, but here is the main point of that blog: we need to be aware what the liturgy-those words and phrases that sublimely and intentional dictate our thought processes.  This liturgy is formed through a number of avenues: our conversations, our music, what we read, and the influence of the media to name a few.  Today, I want to talk about a special example that I have noticed in my own life. Continue reading

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Aaronpedia Entry No. 1

So, I’ve been doing these random thoughts, and I hope you have enjoyed them.  After some thought, I have decided to move from random thoughts to a new page called Aaronpedia

Aaronpedia is my personal encyclopedia for my thoughts.  My friend, Chris Symes, gave me the idea, and so I will post my own thoughts on different topics, first on my blog and then transfer them here to Aaronpedia, if there is anything that you want to know my thoughts about just post them on the comment section, and I will get to them as soon as I can.  Enjoy! Continue reading

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Word Study: Evangelical

A few things in life bother me.  One is the fact that we cannot find a universal word for a “soft drink.”  We’ve all heard it and said it.  You are serving drinks at a picnic and one person asks for a “Pop.”  Don’t ask me why, I’ve never been able to figure out, why we say pop.  Someone else will ask for a “Soda,” but my favorite is this type of exchange that you will get in Oklahoma as well as other places.  We might be told, “I would like a “Coke.”  We respond with the unfortunately obvious response, “Which kind?”  They respond, “A Dr. Pepper.”  This is normal, and this bothers me.  If you want a Dr. Pepper, just tell me a “Dr. Pepper.”  This bothers me because it cheapens the word Coke.  It has spread the definition of coke well beyond the red can and the yummy taste to include all cans and all tastes.

This happens with our words sometimes.  We take a word and overtime it stretches far beyond what it has been intended for.  Evangelical is one of those words.  It is a word that has been cheapened and stretched to define far more than it should.  Continue reading


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Now, what? A look into the UM Church

I love the United Methodist Church.  There I said it, and I mean it.  Now that doesn’t mean I love every aspect or decision of the church, but the capital-C Church is one area that God has given me a passion for.  Now, while I don’t believe the UM Church is for everyone, I do believe in what the church stands for and also whom the church stands for.  However, the Church is dying, or so we read.  We have lost over 3 million members in 30 or so years.  The sad news is that we are not just losing members, the leaders that we have are getting old.  In just 20 years, our young clergy (under 35) has shrunk dramatically from 5047 to 1198.  Many questions can be asked from just this previous paragraph.  Why?  How did this happen?  Whose fault is it?  But the most important question we can ask is: now, what can we do? Continue reading

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