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An Old Song: A New Word

“O let Him have the things that hold you.” After singing that line hundreds of time, it never hit me until today. I loved the “Spirit Song.” It was one of those songs that we sang at the traditional service that felt contemporary. There was something about singing out to God, “Come and fill your lambs,” that resonated with me. What a great prayer this is! I adopted a model of this as my breath prayer, “Come Holy Spirit.” During a good day, I will say that prayer many times. Other days, I don’t pray it at all. But yet, I still didn’t catch the line in the song that hit me over the head today. Continue reading


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Amazing Grace

We watched the movie Amazing Grace tonight.  Good movie.  Well make it a great movie.  I’m a sucker though for movies that make a point, and even more so those that have a spiritual point.  For those who don’t know about the movie, it is the story of William Wilberforce’s effort to abolish the slave trade in Britain.  It is also the story of John Newton, who wrote Amazing Grace, and his coming to the grips with his earlier life as captain of a slave ship.  One of the most memorable quotes from the movie is when Newton says to Wilberforce as he is old, blind, and losing his memory, “Though I have lost my memory, two things I know. I am a great sinner and Christ is a great savior.”  Unfortunately, we with great memories forget those two essential aspects of who we are.

We are sinners.  That’s something we often don’t say too loudly, but it is true.  We have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  We need to realize that because of our unloving thoughts and actions at best, and our hateful thoughts and actions at worst both personally and socially, we have caused a great deal of pain in the world.  That reminds me of another thing we don’t proclaim, “Look at who I have hurt.  This person is scarred because of my hate, my selfishness.”  John Newton, however, did say that as he proclaimed he lived with 20,000 ghosts (those slaves on his ships).  So, it’s no doubting that when he said a wretch like me, he meant it. 

There is one image that illustrates this idea of a recognition of our sin in the movie. Continue reading

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